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Empower your fitness

Give your Yoga mat the AgoY hug it deserves!

Chefi's AgoY will make you the envy of your workout class and elevate your yoga experience 


Handcrafted in the highest quality genuine leather with a beautiful design to complement every  Yogi's outfit.


Chefi  AgoY mat holder features a handle on the sling,a detachable and adjustable strap to carry over your shoulder, allowing you to transport your yoga mat in a comfortable yet stylish way everywhere.

Chefi prides itself on its high -quality products,so you know that your yoga mat will be in good hands with Agoy mat holder while hitting the gym


Please note: Does not include yoga mat.


Give your Yoga mat the AgoY hug it deserves!





On-The-Go-Yoga-Mat carrier. No doubt there will be one that matches your style or catches your eye!!!



Stylish, durable & lightweight yoga mat holder are designed with the avid yogi in mind

Agoy, Yoga Matt Holder Yellow

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